Precast Planters – High Street, Earl Shilton, Leicestershire

Supplied in 2016 for Earl Shilton in bloom, the bespoke wet cast concrete flower planters were designed to provide a robust environment into which the floral displays could be planted. Produced from through colour architectural concrete the planters are durable and not susceptible to rot like a timber alternative. They also afford some protection to pedestrians from vehicles as they weigh in the region of 500kgs each unplanted.

The planters have a recessed panel design with each of the four faces indented to receive a printed aluminium sign. The signage is replaceable/interchangeable and the ones supplied to ESIB each had the Earl Shilton in bloom logo.

The planters are designed to be easily moved around with a standard pallet truck and can be sited upon and paved or block paved area without detriment to the paving underneath.

The planters can be relocated for seasonal displays or can be grouped together should an area need to be cordoned off.

Each planter unit is supported upon three square feet which are cast into the base in a triangular plan. This allows the unit to be sited in most any position and automatically be free from rocking.