Penny Bank Chambers

Penny Bank Chambers, Clerkenwell, London

The Penny Bank Chambers building was originally built as a bank, but has now been fully refurbished into a mixed use development of retail and office space. The newly built glazed 6th floor extension saw the existing brickwork parapet height raised by several courses and capped off with a bespoke Natural Portland Limestone coping and parapet string course to the external elevation, detailed and supplied by Exescodo Products Ltd.

Site furnished a series of plan plywood templates of the as-built existing parapet wall, which were surveyed, converted into the below working drawing, plotted out at full size scale to check conformity and then submitted for approval.

The stones were checked for their individual template fit and coordination with full sized CAD plots at the stonemasons yard prior to delivery.

As each of the stones were slightly different in radius and line, due to variances in the face of the existing as-built parapet wall, all were checked for their coordinated fit prior to delivery to minimise the need for any later site adjustment.

Pictures by kind permission of Mr M. Hamshere – DDC Construction