Ferndale Road

Ferndale Road, Brixton

To the right is an image of an unassuming building in Ferndale Road which most may have walked past without giving a second glance. Like many buildings up and down the Country it had seen better days.

To the passer-by there is no clue as to a previous use or what the front elevation possibly looked like before it had been replaced with the later shopfront screen windows.

Fortunately somebody knew and the order was secured to supply the replacement brickwork and stonework elements.

Previously the building had been the home of the London Fire Brigades, Ferndale Road Fire Station and pictured below is the watch circa 1906.

With the screen shopfront removed there were a few exisiting indicators as to the appearance of the original facade and to how it had been previously constructed.

By far the greatest assistance was the picture right showing part of the original chevron brick cornice, the hobnail brick band and the profile section of the natural stone stringcourse atop.

The new problem to overcome would be the large steel section now supporting the upper floor facade, where the reinstated chevron brickwork cornice needed to be.

Exescodo Design Ltd was appointed to prepare the working drawings for the reinstatement of the brickwork and the stonework. The setting-out for the arch origins, voussoirs, chevron brick pattern repeating bandcourse, stone stringcourse, stonework springers and keystones was established from the 1906 photograph by counting bricks and working out bonding patterns in an attempt ensure as exact a match as possible to the existing facade was achieved. The stonework supplied by Exescodo Products was Natural Portland Stone – Jordans Basebed, with the only difference being that the circular indents were not required upon the new arch units.

Completed in 2017 the building is now a new Coffee Shop