Belgravia, London

Constructed from wet cast concrete components, the screen was supplied in fourteen prefabricated elements.

The main base rail and hand rails were supplied in equal halves, with the screen element supplied in three units slotting between rebated die blocks built at both ends.

A final paint finish was applied to the completed screen to match the existing.

One of the existing balcony bays was site surveyed and the salient setting out dimensions were used to produce the details for the new terrace screen.

Casting moulds replicated the quadrant detail required to the front and rear of each of the pierced screens through slots.

Projecting stainless steel reinforcement bars connected screen members to the structure through preformed locating holes left in the base rail, whilst at the top each bar was secured to a flat stainless steel plate sandwiched between screen and handrail.

Finally the handrail was rebated to the underside to lock the screen sections into place, whilst also being morticed into the pier caps at both ends of the screen.